Protection, Compliance and Certification Are A Vital Part Of Your Business Today.

Get peace of mind with a fully managed and comprehensive cybersecurity service that protects, certifies, reduces your risk and helps you grow your business.

Attacks happen every day, and you deserve to be safe. You shouldn’t have to worry about your cybersecurity. However, the reality is not having a cybersecurity program for your business is dangerous for you and your customers. 

Too many companies are falling victim to breaches in their security which ends up costing, in some cases, millions of dollars and a tarnished reputation that they may never recover from.

It’s no wonder that it’s compulsory to achieve security certifications (eg: ISO27001, PCI DSS) to deal with banks and large companies. 

Having a Professional Cybersecurity System in place is not just going to help you and your business stay safe, it’s going to help you grow your business. 

We started in 2006 delivering a number of security programs of work while executing a large PCI DSS program for Energy Australia and have grow as one of Australia's most trusted and respected Cyber Security firms.

In 2020, we became a member of the NSW Government Cybersecurity Taskforce. We are also a member of the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

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Your Cybersecurity should give you peace, your clients confidence and help you grow your business: 

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The average ransomware attack will cost a company over $4 million. StickmanCyber monitors and compares traffic to known threats and raises the alarm before an attack happens.

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The cost of non-compliance with regulations and industry standards might be as high as the cost of a security breach in some cases. StickmanCyber will help you navigate the ever-changing world of compliance to give your business additional assurance while aligning to best practices.

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Companies today are hearing, “Get us your certification, then we’ll talk”. StickmanCyber will help you grow your business with the certification you need keeping your business ahead of the competition.

Here’s the process:


Speak To An Expert

Click the button, complete the questionnaire and get on a call with a Stickman Cyber Security expert.


Engage, Assess & Execute

You're in good hands as we execute your Cyber Security plan.


Your Business is Secure, Certified and Ready For Growth

Our Surveillance and Security operations work to contain threats before they happen making your business attractive to the type of clients you want.

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Out Manuver Hackers

We know you are concerned about cybersecurity and the impact it can have on your business. 

The challenge is finding a cybersecurity company you can trust, not just to keep your business safe and your clients information secure, but give you the certifications that will make your business attractive to your potential clients.

Simple, partner with someone who has been keeping some of Australia's largest companies safe and helping them become protected, compliant and certified since 2006.

Our CSaaS (Cyber Security as a Service) program is the perfect solution for businesses wanting a complete cybersecurity program at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house.  

Our Certifications & Achievements

StickmanCyber is committed to ongoing training to ensure the highest standards in cybersecurity. Our staff have achieved the following certifications:

How our CSaaS program saves you money vs doing it yourself:

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Our Core Team

Image of Ajay Unni. | StickmanCyber

Ajay Unni

Founder, Chief Executive & Chief Cybersecurity Officer

Image of Paul Dos Santos. | StickmanCyber

Paul Dos Santos

Director of Cybersecurity


Joseph Lombardo

Head of Growth

Image of Priyanka Raghavendra. | StickmanCyber

Priyanka Raghavendra

Operations Manager


Maria Hadi

Cybersecurity Services Lead


Peta Wiles

Cybersecurity Officer

Image of Nell Farshchi. | StickmanCyber

Nell Farshchi

Cybersecurity Consultant

Image of Abartan Dhakal. | StickmanCyber

Abartan Dhakal

Penetration Testing Lead

Image of Madhan Kumar. | StickmanCyber

Madhan Kumar

Security Operations Centre Lead

Image of Sam Newton. | StickmanCyber

Sam Newton

Security Operations Centre Lead


Yash Shukla

Cybersecurity Consultant


Harish Mani

Sr. Cybersecurity Consultant


Raghavendra Muniramaiah

Sr. Cybersecurity Consultant