Take the first step towards a robust cybersecurity posture. Start with a thorough  StickmanCyber Assessment - understand your current state, identify security gaps, and know the next steps.

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Have a Particular Cybersecurity Challenge to Solve?

Choose Your Assessment

The StickmanCyber team is equipped to perform a series of cybersecurity assessments ranging from the very simple and targeted ones to more complex risk, privacy, maturity and/or technical security assessments. 

Know exactly what you want for your organisation? Go ahead and choose the assessment you want. 

Security, Risk & Privacy Assessments

  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Assessments
  • ISO 27001 Assessments
  • APRA CPS 234
  • GDPR & Australian Privacy Principles (APP)
  • CIS Top 20
  • ASD Essentials 8 - Australian Signals Directorate
  • Privilege and Identity Access Assessment

Technical Security
Risk Assessments

  • Security Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Credit Card or Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Discovery
  • Malware detection
  • Red Team Assessment
  • Web Application Security Assessment
  • Network Security Assessment
  • SCADA / OT / IoT Assessment
  • Cloud Security Assessments

Start Your Assessment

Once you zero in on the assessment you want, we get to work:

  • The StickmanCyber teams work with key stakeholders to finalise the scope of the assessment

  • We collaborate with your internal team to host a context establishment workshop, ensuring everyone is on the same page

  • Commence the assessment, which will involve:
    • Workshops and interviews to identify risk
    • Conduct risk analysis on the scope
    • Complete a qualitative risk evaluation
    • Develop the risk assessment report
Graphic of the cyber security risk assessment dashboard. | StickmanCyber
Graphic of the cyber security risk assessment report showing how to plan your next steps. | StickmanCyber

Plan Your Next Steps Based on the Assessment Report

Now that you have the assessment report, it’s time to prioritise what needs to be done in the short, medium, and long term. StickmanCyber can help with the implementation of these priorities by way of:

  • Developing a risk treatment plan

  • Proposing a calendar of events based on risk, criticality identified with estimates for the phases of execution, reporting and monitoring

  • Sharing a  plan-of-action via a  presentation to business leaders and key stakeholders, to ensure all your questions are answered before we proceed

  • Implementing a treatment plan to mitigate your risks, improve your maturity and uplift your cybersecurity posture

Know Your Cybersecurity Assessment Cost

Make an informed choice with full visibility into an expected cost estimate for your organisation. Of course, we’ll have a more accurate quote for you once we know exactly what you need, but this is a start.

Graphic of the cyber security risk assessment cost and estimated time for projects. | StickmanCyber

Have questions about our risk assessment services?

Here is a list of some of the most common questions that organisations and decision-makers have when going for a cybersecurity assessment with StickmanCyber. 

How long does it take to uplift your cybersecurity program?

There are a number of elements in a cybersecurity program, the amount of time it takes to uplift your organisation’s cybersecurity depends on a number of factors such as size, type, current security capability, IT infrastructure etc. 

But from our own experience, below are a few estimates of how long it could take your organization to uplift its cybersecurity program: 

  • Small Business - 3-6 months
  • Medium Business - 6-12 months
  • Large Business - 12-24 months
  • Enterprises - 18-36 months

But the first step is always a cybersecurity assessment. Let's get that started right away!

How long does a cybersecurity assessment take?

Cybersecurity assessments take varying amounts of time depending on the type of assessment and your company type (size, plus information technology assessments). 

  • For small businesses (<250) engagement periods are usually between 2-3 weeks
  • For medium businesses (<500) engagement periods are usually between 3-4 weeks
  • For large businesses (<1000) engagement periods are usually between 4-5 weeks
  • For enterprises (>1000) engagement periods are usually between 6-8 weeks

How much does a cybersecurity risk assessment cost?

Our assessment fee range depends on company type, which is calculated based on the addition of headcount and information technology assets.

  • Small (<250) costs between the range of $7.5-15K AUD for an engagement period of 2-3 weeks
  • Medium (<500) costs between the range of $15-20K AUD for an engagement period of 3-4 weeks
  • Large (<1000) costs between the range of $25-35K AUD for an engagement period of 4-5 weeks
  • Enterprise (>1000) costs between the range of $40-70K AUD for an engagement period of 6-8 weeks

What kind of businesses can you help conduct a cybersecurity assessment?

StickmanCyber has a successful history of working with a wide range of customers and industry verticals that include but are not limited to the following; BFSI, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Media, Government, Transport and Engineering. 

We specialise in dealing with companies ranging from start-ups to 1,000 headcount, and 1,000 to 5,000 headcount.

Can you provide references for our work?

Yes, we can. However we take privacy very seriously, so all reference checks need to be organised by us on request. Please also feel free to check our clients and testimonials.


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Achieve Robust Cybersecurity with a Thorough Assessment

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