A closer look at how we help businesses DETECT, PREVENT & PROTECT against cyber threats.

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Prioritising Proactive Cybersecurity

At StickmanCyber, our goal is to build a cybersecurity infrastructure from the ground up, that works right now and into the future.

As cyber threats and attacks rapidly evolve to maximise business disruption, a robust cybersecurity strategy is a must-have. And it HAS to be treated as a core business issue by all key stakeholders. It cannot be a set-and-forget aspect of your business anymore. Managed cybersecurity with continuous planning, monitoring, adapting to threats is required to ensure successful safeguards for your business. 

Our approach at StickmanCyber is all about proactive security. The goal is to get your cybersecurity maturity to a place where you can DETECT, PREVENT, and PROTECT against cyber threats, rather than just reacting to them.

What We Do - Your Cyber Security Plan

Most cybersecurity engagements start with an audit. Yes, we start with that too. But it would be irresponsible to simply stop at that and not take any remedial actions on the findings from a cybersecurity audit. And hence, we work with businesses to establish tailor-made, and continuously evolving cybersecurity systems:

Graphic showing a cyber security strategy and approach. | StickmanCyber

What We Don't Do

A lot of businesses tend to think of IT security and cybersecurity as interchangeable. However, as a cybersecurity firm, we have to tell you that that’s not true. 

IT security essentially safeguards all company data, systems, and devices from theft, damage, or misuse. Most companies today do have a set of IT security practices or teams in place. However, cybersecurity deals with protecting your data and information from threats that originate in cyberspace. It is focused on identifying vulnerabilities and building systems and compliances that mitigate those risks. 

Because cybersecurity is a specialised function, we do not deal with:

  • Network security around firewalls, antivirus, IDS/IPS

  • Configuring IT security and network devices

  • Security patches and rollouts for any internal software

  • IT and network security services and/or maintenance

Graphic showing computers and IT security | StickmanCyber

How To Develop A Cybersecurity Strategy

cybersecurity strategy is a plan of action designed to maximise the security and resiliency of your organisation.  We have put together an article that outlines the key steps involved in developing a strong cybersecurity strategy. 



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