How Prepared are You to Respond to Cyber Threats?

A cybersecurity breach can wreak havoc on an organisation's productivity. Businesses go into a frenzy trying to respond adequately to the breach - identifying the cause and extent of the problem, ensuring data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, and that critical systems are back online. But the key to containing the damage effectively is speed. And that is why you need an expert cybersecurity team for active threat monitoring, rapid detection, and accurate response. 

StickmanCyber’s threat monitoring, detection, and response service is designed to help businesses take a proactive approach to their cybersecurity, rather than a reactive approach.

Proactive_Training & Awareness

24x7x365 Security Operations

An effective security operations center is the backbone of your cyber defense system. As threats continue to evolve, you need 24x7x365 security operations to always stay a step ahead of the hackers. With StickmanCyber, get an expert team that's monitoring and responding to cyberthreats round the clock, and a service model that is customised to your business needs, remaining flexible and adaptable as your business changes.

Dark Web Monitoring

Prevent sensitive company data from being accessed by criminals on the dark web, and get notified of the presence of your company’s sensitive data on the dark web. Get the right mix of dark web scans - a combination of people power and artificial intelligence to monitor chat rooms, blogs, forums, private networks, and other sites criminals are known to frequent. Rapidly spot business data surfacing on the dark web and have the right team at hand to limit the impact and damage from the breach. 

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Threat Monitoring_Threat-Hunting

Threat Hunting

Identify malicious actors lurking within, and compromising your systems. Have an experienced team comb through your data, networks, and other digital assets to detect cyber threats that might have gotten past regular perimeter defenses. Get thorough investigations and actionable response strategies to mitigate threats.

Threat Intelligence

Always stay a step ahead of the cybercriminals with effective threat intelligence. Get an experienced team of professionals to gather data and analyze your systems to identify probable attack targets and motives, and possible attack approaches. All of this intelligence fuels the development of effective defense strategies that keep you well-prepared to deal with cyber threats.

Threat Monitoring_Incident-Response

Incident Response

Develop a set of policies and procedures to effectively respond to cyberattacks. The goal is to reduce response and recovery times, contain the damage, and keep the effort and cost of recovery low. StickmanCyber’s team of trained professionals can help build processes and train your teams to ensure you have a mature incident response in place. 


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