Design and launch effective cybersecurity training for your employees to make sure that your teams operate along the highest security standards.

What is Cybersecurity Training and Awareness?

Do your employees know how their individual actions impact cybersecurity? Are they aware of the latest cyber threats, and do they know how to identify and prevent them? If you are not sure of the answer to these questions, you need to roll out cybersecurity awareness training.

That’s the percentage of businesses that believe internal actors are the biggest threat to their cybersecurity

But you can prevent 100% of the cyberattacks that occur due to ignorant errors by employees.


StickmanCyber's training and awareness programs are designed to help your teams understand their role in strengthening your cybersecurity posture. We outline cyber etiquette and best practices to build safe processes and work habits within your organisations. We also help employees understand their responsibilities and practical tips to boost data security.

Why is it Important to Train Your Teams?

simplest and yet most significant investments in data security

Cybersecurity training for employees is one of the simplest and yet most significant investments in data security. You considerably reduce the probability of a cyberattack and the monetary and reputational damage that comes with it

get the best of your cybersecurity investments

Technology-based security defenses are not as effective if your teams are unaware of cybersecurity best practices. So training your teams to update patches, turn on firewalls, monitor systems etc. is an important way to get the best of your cybersecurity investments

improves your incidence response

Cybersecurity awareness improves your incidence response in the case of a cyberattack because your teams know to spot a threat/attack in time and how best to react and mitigate the impact

strong indication to your partners and customers that your business values security

Investing in cybersecurity awareness trainings is a strong indication to your partners and customers that your business values security - both for yourself and for them

meet all major regulatory compliances-1

Teams receiving consistent training around cybersecurity best practices is a crucial element for businesses to meet all major regulatory compliances, like ISO 27001 and the NIST framework

Take Action Now!

Launch cybersecurity training for employees and equip your teams with the know-how to prevent, detect and respond fast to cyberattacks.

How We Do It

StickmanCyber works with your stakeholders to develop the right kind of cybersecurity training programs for your teams:

  • Evaluate the threat landscape to understand the challenges to your critical systems, information and network assets, to design the right kind of training programs

  • Build creative training programs so that your employees actually engage with the content and information, retain it well, and are able to implement it when the need arises. 

  • Ensure that the training programs we create are compliant with the best practices and processes outlined in regulations like PCI DSS, ISM, GDPR etc.

  • Ensure program consistency so that cybersecurity is understood as a priority within the organisations. It also makes sure that your teams are aware of the latest cyberattacks and cybersecurity best practices.

  • Measure the engagement and efficacy of current programs and continuously update the curriculum and delivery to cater to the evolving cybersecurity landscape.
Cybersecurity Training and Awareness - How we do it


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