As a leading cyber security company, our services are designed to deliver the right mix of cybersecurity solutions.

At StickmanCyber we are on a mission to create a digital world that is safe for everyone - we are your trusted cybersecurity partner - protecting you from cyber attacks and data breaches; ensuring you have the time and peace of mind to grow your business.


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  • Our Services

Governance, Risk & Compliance 


Strengthen your cybersecurity posture and build the right governance practices. Ensure that your business is in compliance with all current cybersecurity regulations.


  • Risk Assessment 
  • Compliance & Certification

Virtual CISO


Centralise your complete cybersecurity practice with a dedicated, outsourced Chief Information Security Officer. Get end-to-end cybersecurity services - strategy, policies and procedures, and day-to-day monitoring and management.

Monitoring, Detection & Response


Build a state-of-the-art cybersecurity infrastructure that is equipped for round-the-clock threat monitoring, quick detection, and optimised threat response. This infrastructure is then backed by our expert team of cybersecurity personnel.


  • SOC As A Service 
  • Dark Web Monitoring 
  • Threat Hunting 
  • Threat Intelligence 
  • Incident Response

Proactive Cybersecurity 


Move from reactive to proactive cybersecurity with an expert team to assess and identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities before they disrupt your business. Train your in-house teams in cybersecurity best practices to ensure sustained security.


  • Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering 
  • Privilege & Identity Access Management
  • Training
  • Cyber Insurance

CyberSecurity As A Service (CSaaS)

Unlimited Protection Services

Unlimited access to 24/7×365 Monitoring, Incident Response, End Point Detection & Response, Cybersecurity Technical Health Checks, Vulnerability Assessments, and Management.
Ongoing Maintenance/Support of Compliance & Certification, Internal audit, Security Improvement guidance and advice, Policy and procedures development, and more.
Penetration tests, Security, Risk & Compliance and Cyber Review
Stickman CyberSecurity as a Service - UnlimitedAnnual Protection


In today's world where cybercrime is growing rapidly, uplifting cybersecurity can be an overwhelming proposition for small to medium enterprises (SME) whether that’s due to inexperience, a lack of resources, or cost.

At StickmanCyber we provide our clients with unlimited access to multiple cybersecurity resources with different areas of expertise for a monthly subscription fee.

As A Service Dashboard

Dashboards coming Q4 2022

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StickmanCyber SME Protect
Specially designed for small businesses 

Peace of mind for your business with enterprise grade back-to-base alarm systems that monitor, detect and respond to cyber attacks and threats 24x7x365 days a year.

Benefits of engaging with expert cyber security consultants

Certified & Experienced

Engage with a team that has extensive expertise in the industry. Our cyber security consultants are qualified to deliver to the required standards: we are ISO 27001 certified, a PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessment Company and are CREST ANZ Certified.

Strong Focus

StickmanCyber has a successful history of working with a wide range of customers and industry verticals. However, we specialise in dealing with companies ranging from the start-up to 1,000 headcounts and 1,000 to 5,000 headcount.

Wide Range Of Services

Cybersecurity services to meet your every requirement. From penetration testing, training, awareness programs and incident response to a complete virtual cybersecurity office. We can help you build a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

Proactive Cybersecurity

Our approach at StickmanCyber is all about proactive security. The goal is to get your cybersecurity maturity to a place where you can DETECT, PREVENT, and PROTECT against cyber threats, rather than just reacting to them.

Cybersecurity By Design

Cybersecurity by design is embedded in our methodology. We ensure that organisations are prepared and have the right systems and technology in place to respond quickly, recover and continue business operations much sooner at a reduced cost, post a cyber attack.

Verified Staff

Our cyber security consultants are qualified, certified and experienced across APAC. All our staff undergo psychometric testing and full background verification which includes education, identity, reference, and criminal court verification.

The First Step is Crucial. Start with a Cybersecurity Assessment

Where are you at your cybersecurity maturity journey? Get an assessment of your current security posture and identify the gaps and challenges that you need to act upon.

How We Do It

Cybersecurity is not just an IT issue, it is a business issue.

We start with understanding and assessing your environment, identify challenges, and implement the changes required. We focus on building a system of continuous threat prediction, monitoring, detection and prevention. And through it all, our goal is to secure your business now, and in the future.


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15 Years | 300+ Cybersecurity Projects | 10+ Industry Certifications

The team of expert cybersecurity consultants at StickmanCyber are some of the best in the business. Yes, this is a result of our years of expertise and numerous industry certifications. But our true strength lies in always putting YOU first - your business context, your challenges, and the solutions that will work best for you. We ensure that your cybersecurity systems perform at the highest standards, so you can focus on growing your business.

Our Customers

Stickmancyber is proud to be the trusted cybersecurity company for a growing number of businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

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StickmanCyber has established and developed a pragmatic cybersecurity strategy and worked closely with us through the implementation. They have strong leadership, are flexible, pragmatic, understanding of our business and very capable of helping with complex challenges. During all our engagements, they have proved themselves to be genuine and honest, ramping resources up and down (as required), adding expertise such as project managers, to ensure overall success.

The whole team operates at a very high standard which is evident in the quality of work they produce and the results they achieve. The time they’ve taken to understand our business and our people has not only strengthened our relationship but provided us with incredible insight into our organisation’s security stance – information that has proven to be invaluable in maturing our cybersecurity posture.

StickmanCyber showed strong leadership, were flexible, and very capable of getting our strategy to a real live implementation and benefit realisation. During the implementation they proved themselves to be a genuine, honest partner, ramping resources up and down (as required) and adding expertise, such as project managers, to ensure success.

StickmanCyber IN THE NEWS

Our experts are frequently covered by, and published in major media outlets, sharing insights on the evolving cybersecurity landscape in Australia.

Our Certifications & Achievements

StickmanCyber is committed to ongoing training to ensure the highest standards in cybersecurity. Our staff have achieved the following certifications:

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