Dark night: tech slams lack of vision

The Australian Financial Review earlier this week featured Ajay Unni, our CEO, in their article, in which he shared his thoughts on this big increase in cyber defence spending.

Read Ajay’s contribution to the article below, and read the full article as published in the Australian Financial Review here.

Cyber Spending:

Ajay Unni, founder of StickmanCyber, a business that helps companies mitigate their cybersecurity risks, said the big increase in cyber defence spending was unsurprising, given the increasing number of cyberattacks targeting Australia.

Under budget measures, every $100 that small businesses spend on cybersecurity, they will receive a $120 tax deduction, which Mr Unni said would undoubtedly be good for providers.

But he warned there was a risk businesses would waste the money on unsuitable products.

“Without helpful mandates or more defined guidance on how the funds can be used ... businesses are playing with fire,” he said.


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