Eliminate backdoor entries for hackers. Implement robust access management practices to ensure that you know exactly who has how much access to your systems, and when.

What is Privilege & Identity Access Management? 

How do you currently manage your teams’ access to your data, systems and business-critical applications?  Are you 100% sure that no employee, either inadvertently or maliciously, has access and privileges beyond their designation?

Privilege and identity access management is a set of practices and technologies that helps businesses assign the right level of access to data, systems and accounts to individuals, as required by their roles and responsibilities.

That is the average cost of a data breach in 2021

This is the highest estimated data breach cost in the past 17 years. Are you ready to bear that?

If not, it’s time to act!

Privileged Access Management | Graphic showing $4.4 million cost of data breaches. | StickmanCyber

StickmanCyber’s privilege and identity access management service is designed to safeguard against internal and external threats to your cybersecurity. Our teams help establish different levels of access for different users, endpoints and systems; effective password management; and separating standard and high-value networks and systems. All this is aimed at preventing cyberattacks or minimising the impact and response time to any potential attack.

Why Focus on Identity and Access Management?

Prevent cyberattacks caused by human error

Prevent cyberattacks caused by human error

All employees are granted the minimum level of access to business systems, just enough to perform their work effectively. This ensures that even if an employee mistakenly gives away their access/credentials to malicious actors, they only get limited access.

Reduce the effectiveness of malware

Reduce the effectiveness of malware

Most malware requires high-level access to systems to cause maximum disruption. By limiting privileged access to a few people in the organisation you reduce the possibility of highly damaging malware insertions.

Improved monitoring of privileged access

Improved monitoring of privileged access

An established system for access management allows you to keep track of increased privileged access across different applications. It allows for better visibility and monitoring of privileged account activity.


Improve regulatory compliance

Unprotected privilege access to business systems is a major cybersecurity vulnerability. Implementing robust privilege and identity access management solutions quickly paves the way for your organisation to become compliant with major cybersecurity regulations.

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Identity And Access Management As A Service

StickmanCyber helps your organisation implement a set of key best practices for privilege and identity access management:   

  • Remove all privileges across the entire organisation and establish a bare minimum standard level of access for everyone  

  • Establish an elevated level of privileged access to business systems, accounts and endpoints, that can be granted to specific users, as required, and then expired

  • Separating privileges and duties, to further fine-tune access granted for different actions, like reading, writing, editing etc, to each privileged account

  • Establish a process for effective password management

  • Segment systems and networks into generic and high-trust, and establish stricter access controls for the later

  • Build effective monitoring to track the activity on privileged accounts and spot any suspicious activity or threats in time
Privileged Access Management | Graphic showing security guard protecting cyber data. | StickmanCyber


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