What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is when trained and authorised cybersecurity professionals hack into your business systems to identify vulnerabilities, and work on plugging the gaps. This is a way to expose the existing breaches in your security infrastructure without any real threat to your data and assets. 

That is the average cost of a data breach in 2021

This is the highest estimated data breach cost in the past 17 years.

Are you ready to bear that? If not, it’s time to act!


StickmanCyber’s penetration testing services help you find and fix the cracks in your cybersecurity before hackers exploit your vulnerabilities. And you have a team of CREST ANZ registered testers to do it all. 

Secure your Business-Critical Assets and Systems

Web Applications & API-

Web Apps & API

Identify and exploit vulnerabilities in your web apps with industry-standard testing frameworks (OWASP), to ensure pre-emptive cybersecurity measures

Mobile Applications-

Mobile Applications

Simulate real-time attacks for iOS, Androids, or Windows mobile platforms, leveraging mobile-specific testing tools

Network & Infrastructure-

Network & Infrastructure

A mix of automated and manual testing to identify and exploit network vulnerabilities to safeguard access, assets, configurations, and more

Internal Penetration Testing-

Internal Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited by internal actors working with malicious intent, and with access to your business systems

External Penetration Testing-

External Penetration Testing

Mimic an external cyberattack to identify the range of business data that can be accessible to attackers, without the threat of actual data loss

SCADA Penetration Testing-

SCADA Penetration Testing

Get a thorough assessment and ensure security from external threats for your SCADA control systems due to their unique network infrastructure & architecture

Vulnerability Assessments-

Vulnerability Assessments

Automated vulnerability assessments with tools that are designed to identify, quantify, and prioritise (or rank) the most common attacks

Cloud Penetration Testing & Security Assessments-

Cloud Penetration Testing & Security Assessments

Simulate hacks, review your security settings and configurations to identify the vulnerabilities of your business systems hosted on the cloud - AWS, Azure, GCP - and know the next steps to bolster security

How We Do It

StickmanCyber has a 5-Step Penetration Testing Process:

  • Reconnaissance: Collect information and data about your business via public and private sources, to prepare an attack strategy.
  • Scanning: Use commercial and open source tools to uncover open services, application security issues and open source vulnerabilities, to scan for weaknesses.
  • Gaining access: Simulate and test multiple hacking scenarios, and identify every potential tool and technique e.g., SQL injection, malware, social engineering etc- to gain access to your systems.
  • Maintaining access: Simulate gaining and maintaining access to your business systems to understand the actual impact of a potential cyberattack, without any real threat to your data.

  • Reporting: Get an in-depth threat profile, with issues prioritised according to severity, and detailed steps for mitigation.
Peenetration Testing Report

Get an Expert Team with StickmanCyber

StickmanCyber ensures you have access to industry-recognised and certified testers with a CREST ANZ registered team:

  • A highly trained and rigorously tested team of professionals with a globally accepted accreditation
  • Signal your business sponsors and customers that you are serious about data security, by investing in trained professionals
  • Access to a larger  team ready to assist with security compliance & certification like PCI DSS, NIST framework, and ISO 27001
  • An up-to-date team that’s equipped to out-maneuver new and evolving cyber threats


Arm yourself with up-to-date information and insights into building a successful cybersecurity strategy, with blogs and webinars from the StickmanCyber team, and industry experts.

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