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What Is CyberSecurity As A Service (CSaaS)?

Allows you to focus on your business while your cybersecurity requirements are managed by us as your trusted cyber security service partner.

 Unlimited Cyber Security Service Offerings

Cyber security as a service provides you with unlimited access to 24/7×365 Monitoring, Incident Response, End Point Detection & Response
Ongoing Maintenance/Support of Compliance & Certification, Internal audit, Security Improvement guidance and advice, Policy and procedures development, and more.
Penetration tests, Security, Risk & Compliance and Cyber Review

How It Works

At StickmanCyber we provide our clients with unlimited and annual access to multiple cybersecurity resources with different areas of expertise for a monthly subscription fee. Below is a breakdown of our StickmanCyber As A Service offering.

Get unlimited access to technical services:


  • 24x7x365 monitoring and protection

  • Expert cyber attack incident response

  • Endpoint detection and response

  • Cybersecurity technical health checks and configuration reviews

  • Security vulnerability assessments and management (cloud, network, infrastructure and application).

Get unlimited access to an expert cybersecurity office:


  • Ongoing maintenance/support of compliance & certification, including internal audits

  • Phone and email advice and assistance

  • Security improvement guidance and advice from experts

  • Policy and procedures development

  • Cybersecurity training, awareness, and phishing simulations for employees

  • Help with completing vendor/customer questionnaires


Get annual access to:



  • Annual cybersecurity posture / risk / privacy / maturity / gap assessments & certifications (e.g, PCI DSS, ISO27001, NIST, APRA 234, ISM and/or Essentials 8)

    • Annual calendar of events for cybersecurity uplift and maintenance

  • Annual security penetration testing for internal and external network and web and mobile applications


Example of a Cyber Security Service Dashboard

As A Service Dashboard
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Benefits of Cybersecurity Outsourcing

Implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity program can take a lot of effort and resources. However daunting these costs may seem, they are severely outweighed by the legal, financial and reputational repercussions an organisation faces if a security incident were to occur. Here is why outsourcing your cybersecurity to a cyber security services company is a good idea.

Outsourcing cybersecurity is cost effective

Hiring, training and maintaining a cybersecurity team in-house can be costly. This cost can be brought down significantly by hiring an external agency that is proficient in providing a wide range of protective services at customised costs.

Perfect solution for SMBs

Operating as a small to medium business comes with its own unique set of cybersecurity challenges as the threat environment can be intricate and require a high level of experience to deal with. By outsourcing your needs to us, your small to medium business can get the attention it deserves

Reduced stress and effort on employees in house

Dealing with cyber threats is no mean feat, especially if your organisation dedicates the handling of its entire cybersecurity function to a small internal team. Outsourcing your organisation can reduce a large amount of stress and effort on your internal team

Access to a broad range of skills and experience

The threat landscape is constantly evolving, with criminals only getting more sophisticated and ingenious in their methods of attack. To effectively manage information security risks, organisations require the help of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in a wide number of industries.

Greater flexibility

If your organisation was to scale up, it would have to deal with a whole host of new cybersecurity challenges. When security is solely managed in-house, there is limited flexibility to adapt to these changes. Stickman CyberSecurity As A Service provides flexibility to quickly adapt and stay secure.

Peace of mind

By outsourcing your information security to a specialist agency, your business can focus on what matters without worrying about succumbing to the latest cyber threat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the normal engagement length of our StickmanCyber As A Service offering?

The normal engagement length of a CISO on-demand service is monthly or you can sign up for 12, 24,36 month engagement

How long does it take to uplift your cybersecurity program?

There are a number of elements in a cybersecurity program, the amount of time it takes to uplift your organisation’s cybersecurity depends on a number of factors such as size, type, current security capability, IT infrastructure etc. 

But from our own experience below are a few estimates of how long it could take your organisation to uplift its cybersecurity program: 

  • Small Business - 3-6 months
  • Medium Business - 6-12 months
  • Large Business - 12-24 months
  • Enterprises - 18-36 months

Are our consultants qualified, certified and full background verified?

We have an exceptional team at StickmanCyber, our consultants are qualified, certified and experienced across APAC. All our staff undergo psychometric testing and full background verification which includes education, identity, reference, criminal court verification.

What type of customers/industries do we support?

StickmanCyber have had a history of working with a wide range of customers and industry verticals that include but are not limited to the following; BFSI, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Media, Government, Transport and Engineering.


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