DARK WEB Monitoring

Do you know if your company data is on the dark web? Get monitoring systems in place to identify data breaches as soon as they occur.

What is Dark Web Monitoring?

The dark web is a decentralized network of internet sites that are designed to provide users with a high level of anonymity, by routing all their communications through multiple servers and using encryption. Many individuals use the dark web simply to browse the internet while ensuring high privacy standards. However, the dark web also hosts a lot of criminal activity as illegally acquired or hacked data and information is stored and traded on dark-web sites.

Your organisation's sensitive information - personal information, bank details, credit card/ debit card information, health records, credentials etc. can end up on the dark web. In the event it does, criminals can now access your information and can cause personal/financial damage as well as reputational damage to your business.

That’s how many system credentials of
C-suite execs from Fortune 1000 companies were accessible on the dark web markets.

Do you know if your organisation’s data is available on the dark web? Do your teams know how to limit the impact of your data surfacing on the dark web?

If your answer is ‘no’, it’s time to act.

Graphic Showing Statistic: 133,927 Fortune 1000 Companies Accessible on the Dark Web

Dark Web Monitoring keeps track of an organisation’s sensitive data on the dark web and notifies them if said data is found. It helps organisations limit the damage of a data breach and take necessary action to protect themselves, their employees, clients, and more from a potential attack.

At StickmanCyber, we deploy a set of manual and artificial intelligence-powered scans to monitor chat rooms, blogs, forums, private networks, and other sites criminals are known to frequent.

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Is Dark Web Monitoring Worth It?

Increase your chances of identifying and reducing the impact of data breaches 

Dark web monitoring can identify stolen customer lists or data; employee login credentials, business email domains, or IP addresses. If this information is discovered on the dark web, you can identify a current or past data breach, and take steps to mitigate financial or reputational damage.

Discover data breaches faster

Without dark web monitoring, organisations can spend months not knowing that a data breach occurred. 24/7 dark web monitoring enables organisations to promptly identify when their sensitive information falls into the hands of criminals. This in turn also helps organisations reduce the window of opportunity a criminal has to make copies of sensitive data and sell it. 

Be better prepared for future threats

By scanning the dark web, organisations can learn of past breaches and what data was stolen. Information Security teams can identify which systems were compromised and how exactly vulnerabilities were manipulated by attackers. This can help create a robust action plan on how to prevent future attacks.

Safeguard your employee and client data 

Dark web scans can help identify the types of sensitive information of employees or clients that end up on the dark web. This knowledge can then be used to stop criminals from exploiting stolen information that ends up on the dark web. 

Graphic Showing Process of How Dark Web Monitoring is Done - StickmanCyber Security


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