Small Business Cyber Security With SME Protect

Peace of mind for your business with enterprise grade back-to-base alarm systems that monitor, detect and respond to cyber attacks and threats 24x7x365 days a year.


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Any business, big or small, is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. But for small businesses, even small-scale cyber attacks can be incredibly damaging. They can severely impact how a business is run, wreaking irreparable financial and reputational damage.

Similar to how physical locations use back-to-base alarm systems, your business can benefit from the use of qualified, certified and experienced cyber security experts who monitor, detect and respond to cyber attacks and threats targeted at your business’ computers and networks.
Small Business Cyber Security | Image of woman on laptop smiling | StickmanCyber

Small businesses should not and cannot treat cyber security as a ‘wait and see’ situation. It needs to be planned and implemented well in advance of an attack.

Small Business Cyber Security | Screenshot of impacts of cybercrime in Australia | StickmanCyber
Small Business Cyber Security | Screenshot of impacts of cybercrime | StickmanCyber

Cyber Security Services For Small Businesses

SME Protect is an industry-first enterprise-grade service for small and medium businesses that can finally sit back and relax knowing that there are experts ensuring you are protected from cyber attacks and threats.

It includes:

24x7x365 Monitoring, Detection and Response

  • Cyber attack incident response
  • End-point detection and response
  • Security vulnerability assessment

Staff Training and Knowledge Programs

  • Unlimited access to ongoing cybersecurity training, awareness
  • Quarterly phishing simulations
Small Business Cyber Security | Graphic of cyber security on desktop and cell phone | StickmanCyber

Cyber Security For SME - How it works

Step 1

We install a lightweight software on your computer, cloud services and servers.

Step 2

Our experts will analyse the data with enterprise grade software that monitors and detects any suspicious activities including cyber attacks and threats.

Step 3

These enterprise grade tools use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and global threat intelligence sources to keep your business safe.

Step 4

Our 24/7x365 team proactively identify issues and work with your IT department* to resolve them.


*Note: If you don't have an IT team, if required, we can assist for a small additional fee

SME Cyber Security

Why is this different to your Antivirus?

Antivirus and malware protection are essential tools, however, they cannot and will not protect you from new cyber threats unless they are updated on every single machine in your business.

The purpose of the back-to-base alarm systems is to identify what anti-viruses are not designed to do. Antivirus software is limited and cannot detect cyber threats that come from email, cloud services and other mechanisms.

What types of systems are

  • Desktops/Workstations
  • Servers
  • SaaS platform/cloud services
  • File Storage services (Box, Dropbox, Sharepoint, OneDrive etc)
  • Email - O365, GoogleWorkplace, etc.



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