Develop a holistic approach to managing risk at your organisation with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework in Australia.

What is the NIST Cybersecurity Framework?

The NIST Framework is globally accepted as the gold standard to building a cybersecurity program for your organisation. It is a set of guidelines and best practices to help organisations build and improve their cybersecurity posture.
The framework provides a common language for understanding, managing, and expressing cybersecurity risk to all stakeholders, whether that be internal or external. It can be used to help identify and prioritise actions for reducing cybersecurity risk, and it is a tool for aligning policy, business, and technological approaches to managing that risk. 

What are the benefits of aligning to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework?

The StickmanCyber team can help align your organisation with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, delivering a set of key benefits:

Tailored risk based cybersecurity


Instead of one-size fits all, your cybersecurity program is tailored to meet your specific needs, risk tolerance and resources availability, with the focus firmly on risk minimisation.

Collaboration for best results


The NIST methodology promotes external and internal collaboration and buy-in. Cybersecurity is quickly integrated into more business functions, such as new product development and infrastructure design, meaning your business is more protected.

Keeping you on the front foot


Cybersecurity is constantly changing. With new technology and smarter cyber criminals, this dynamic approach enables rapid evolution to keep security steps ahead of hackers. Our methodology is designed to be flexible, always keeping you on the front foot.

Helps your organisation achieve a global standard of cybersecurity 


The NIST Framework is built on the experience of numerous information security professionals around the world. It is globally recognised as industry best practice and the most detailed set of controls of any framework, allowing your organisation to cover any blindspots it may have missed when addressing it's cybersecurity.

A framework built for all of your stakeholders


As the framework adopts a risk management approach that is well aligned with your organisation’s goals, it is not only easy for your technical personnel to see the benefits to improving the company’s security but also easy for the executives.

Creates a long term and iterative approach to your organisation’s cybersecurity


If you are to implement the globally accepted framework the way your organisation handles cybersecurity is transformed into a state of continuous compliance, which results in a stronger approach in securing your organisation’s information and assets.

How our NIST Cybersecurity Consultants in Australia can help

StickmanCyber follows a 5-step methodology outlined in the  industry gold standard NIST Cybersecurity Framework to bring you a proactive, broad-scale and customised approach to managing cyber risk.


NIST Cyber Security Framework

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