What are the Australian Privacy Principles?

The Australian Privacy Principles (or APPs) are the cornerstone of the privacy protection framework in the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act). The Australian Privacy Principles are principles-based law, which means that organisations and agencies have the flexibility to tailor the way they handle their personal information to their business models and customer needs. The principles are also designed to be adaptable to changing technologies. Breaching Australian Privacy Principles is considered to be an ‘interference in the privacy of an individual’ and can lead to regulatory action and penalties. 

There are 13 Australia Privacy Principles and they govern standards, rights and obligations around:

  • the collection, use and disclosure of personal information
  • an organisation or agency’s governance and accountability
  • integrity and correction of personal information
  • the rights of individuals to access their personal information

How We Do It

The Australian Privacy Principles require businesses and Australian Government agencies to be more transparent about how they handle personal information, including a clearly expressed and up-to-date privacy policy (that is implemented) about the way they handle personal information.

The StickmanCyber team can help you take proactive action by way of a full assessment of the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) and uncover what is applicable and not-applicable to your organisation. And how best you can address and align to the principles.

We follow a standard 5-step process to audit your current systems and processes, and then work towards compliance with Australian Privacy Principles.

Australian Privacy Principles


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