Do you know who has access to what in your organisation?

Driven by the changes in technology and consumer demands, Identity and Access Management (IAM) technology has evolved from simple provisioning to becoming a part of the IT infrastructure fabric. It has gone past being a part of the security technology only and is now considered by most forward-looking organisations as a part of IT infrastructure than security.

In this webinar, Binod Singh, Founder & CEO at Ilantus, talks in detail about the trends and best practices surrounding IAM, learnings from the industry as well as addresses questions from the audience.



Optus has been hit with a major cyber attack

In today’s world businesses around the world as well as in Australia, face increasingly sophisticated and innovative cybercriminals targeting what matters most to them; their money, data and reputation. Download our guide to learn everything you need to know about the Optus Data Breach, as well as the nine steps every business around the world and in Australia needs to take to avoid being next.