Cybersecurity Fundamentals for APS - How to Prevent a Cyber Attack

Ajay Unni joins The Australasian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons  for a webinar exploring the impact of cybercrime on healthcare-based practices and organisations, using real-world case studies.

Cyber-attacks have increased in frequency and ferocity as malicious actors get more sophisticated and ingenious in their methods of compromising information assets of organisations. Businesses operating within the healthcare industry have become especially lucrative targets for these criminals due to the high amount of personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI) that they hold.

This webinar will explore the impacts that cybercrime has had on healthcare-based practices and organisations using real-world case studies and will outline the potential impact a cyber attack could have on your practice. Most importantly it will cover how these impacts can be mitigated and prevented by implementing a robust cyber security strategy in your business.

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