Cybersecurity Predictions for 2022

TechRound is the voice of UK startups and is the UK's fastest-growing platform for startups, UK and international businesses, entrepreneurs and tech businesses. Earlier this week, they published an article on their website, where they collected predictions from industry experts on what 2022 could bring to cybersecurity. Our CEO Ajay Unni was featured in this article and shared his Cyber-Security predictions for 2022. 

Read Ajay’s contribution to the article below, and read the full article as published in the TechRound here.

Ransomware: “In 2022 we will continue to see a rise in ransomware given the lucrative nature and guaranteed return on investment it offers cybercriminals. With a low reporting rate, it continues to be challenging for authorities to investigate and take action as victims often just pay the ransom and move on, making it an even more attractive proposition for hackers. Globally businesses, especially in the SME sector, are still not secure and are at risk of significant exposure to ransomware attacks.”

More email phishing attacks: “Expect to see more sophisticated email phishing campaigns and business email compromise style attacks as hackers know getting a victim to click on a malicious link via email is one of the easiest ways to get the system access needed to launch a ransomware attack.”

More investment in training: “With 77% of cyber attacks due to human and not technological failures it’s become clear that the first line of defence must always be to prevent human error. Compromised usernames and passwords provide a simple entry point for hackers to access a system and launch an attack. The smart organisations, that want to be on the front foot, will make cyber training a priority in 2022, ensuring their employees know not to share passwords and usernames, to use multi factor authentication and to be aware of and not click on malicious links.”


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