Channel leaders reveal what they want from the new government

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The recently elected Australian government made a series of policy pledges to improve the tech and cyber security sector in its election campaign. CRN spoke to a number of IT channel companies, including StickmanCyber, to find out how they expect the new government would impact their businesses.

Read Ajay’s contribution to the article below, and read the full article as published in the CRN here.

I am keen to see how their new policies will support small businesses and what strategies they plan on putting in place to help SMEs better understand cybersecurity," Unni said.

On what support the government can give to tech companies, he said it could provide access to structured growth programs that have a simple application processes and systems that are straightforward.

"When cybersecurity support or grants are put forward by the government there needs to be a clear and articulate description on what, how and when to apply with no room for ambiguity,"  Unni added.

Speaking on the tech skills shortage Unni said the new Government should “allow for fast and responsive work visa processes and increase training and certification opportunities for people from other sectors (eg. manufacturing) to reskill and move into tech.

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