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Monitoring, Detection & Response

What is SOC as a Service? (A Simple Guide)

What is SOC as a service? Find out with this simple guide and discover some of its many benefits. SOCaaS is one of the best ways to protect your...

Proactive Threat Hunting Tools & Techniques

Learn how threat hunters identify suspicious activities and behaviors, as well as locate threats that may have already breached a business's systems.

Threat Hunting & Intelligence

What Is Threat Hunting

Threat hunting helps organisations identify security threats that get past their initial endpoint defences. This article explores its benefits.


Optus has been hit with a major cyber attack

In today’s world businesses around the world as well as in Australia, face increasingly sophisticated and innovative cybercriminals targeting what matters most to them; their money, data and reputation. Download our guide to learn everything you need to know about the Optus Data Breach, as well as the nine steps every business around the world and in Australia needs to take to avoid being next.