6 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Cybersecurity Services

In today’s world no business is safe from cybercrime, there has been a steady wave of cyber attacks in the news but a much larger number goes unreported. The need for cybersecurity has only heightened in the past few years. Regardless of business type, size or nature, a cybersecurity strategy needs to be implemented to fight back against malicious actors looking to compromise information security.

This is easier said than done. Implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity program can take a lot of effort and resources. However daunting these costs may seem, they are severely outweighed by the legal, financial and reputational repercussions an organisation faces if a security incident were to occur. Many organisations, especially small to medium enterprises have looked to outsource their cybersecurity needs to managed service providers or cybersecurity specialists, rather than have an in-house solution. 

There are a number of advantages to outsourcing your organisation’s cybersecurity, below are six benefits of doing so: 

Outsourcing cybersecurity is a cheaper option 

Cybersecurity is no longer a luxury for organisations, it has quickly become a necessity that needs to be adhered to daily. The cost of not implementing cybersecurity is in the millions, according to the 2019 Cost of Data Breach Report from Ponemon Institute and IBM Security, the global cost of data breaches in 2021 is expected to reach $6 trillion annually. Hiring a team of specialists who are skilled in different facets of cybersecurity can help reduce the risk of a data breach from occurring within your organisation. However, hiring, training, and maintaining a cybersecurity team in-house can cost a huge margin. This cost can be brought down significantly if an organisation were to outsource its cybersecurity by hiring an external agency that is proficient in providing a wide range of protective services at customised costs. 

Perfect solution for niche businesses 

Outsourcing cybersecurity is a great option when your organisation operates in a niche market. Operating in a niche market comes with its own unique set of cybersecurity challenges as the threat environment can be intricate and require a high level of experience to deal with. By outsourcing your needs to a cybersecurity service provider, your niche business can get the attention it deserves, with access to a wide range of specialists, something that is unrealistic if cybersecurity was dealt with in-house.

Reduced stress and effort on employees in house

Dealing with cyber threats is no mean feat, especially if your organisation dedicates the handling of its entire cybersecurity function to a small team. This small team will have to deal with security practices like continuous vulnerability management and around-the-clock monitoring to stay on top of their organisation’s information security, which can lead to employees being overwhelmed and overworked. By outsourcing your organisation’s cybersecurity to a specialist service provider, a large amount of stress and effort to internal employees can be avoided.

Access to a broad range of skills and experience

The threat landscape is constantly evolving, with criminals only getting more sophisticated and ingenious in their methods of attack. Due to this cybersecurity specialists have had to up their game to match these criminals. To effectively manage information security risks, organisations require the help of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in a wide number of industries. These dedicated professionals should have deep knowledge and understanding of the tactics, techniques, and procedures of cybercriminals. It is unrealistic for organisations to host a cybersecurity team in-house that consists of these kinds of professionals. Therefore by outsourcing their cybersecurity, organisations can gain access to specialists who have extensive industry experience, knowledge, and skills. 

Greater flexibility 

As mentioned above, the threat landscape is constantly evolving, and having the capacity to meet these evolutions is necessary for your organisation to safeguard its information security. If your organisation was to scale up, it would have to deal with a whole host of new challenges when it comes to cybersecurity. When security is solely managed in-house, there is limited flexibility to adapt to these changes. Organisations that outsource some of their cybersecurity needs, can benefit from the flexibility to quickly adapt and stay secure. 

Peace of mind 

Dealing with increasingly sophisticated cyber threats can be extremely time-consuming and stressful for organisations. Paranoia associated with surviving the latest cyber threat can be detrimental to employee productivity. By outsourcing your information security to a specialist agency, your business can focus on what matters without worrying about succumbing to the newest cyber threat.

So, how do you outsource your cybersecurity requirements? StickmanCyber's Cybersecurity As A Service offers you a dedicated, outsourced Chief Information Security Officer to strategise, manage and optimise your cybersecurity practice. With a range of essential and advanced engagement models, you can find a mix of services that enable you to intelligently outsource your cybersecurity?

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