What does 24x7x365 Security Operations Entail?

An expert team of cybersecurity professionals, equipped with the right tools and experience, monitoring your business systems round the clock - that’s what 24x7x356 managed cybersecurity operations entail. 

An effective security operations center is the backbone of your cyber defense system. As threats continue to evolve, so should your organisation. And 24x7x365 security operations provide a service model that is customised to your business needs, remaining flexible and adaptable as your business changes.

How We Do It?

StickmanCyber's 24x7x365 security operations uses the power of AlienVault to provide a reliable, flexible and scalable solution for the effective management of your cybersecurity program. The benefits include:

  • Unified, co-ordinated security monitoring
  • Simple security event management and reporting
  • Continuous threat intelligence
  • Fast deployment
  • Multiple security functions without multiple consoles

Here's a look at our basic methodology for security operations:

Managed Security Operations-1


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Don’t get blindsided by surprise attacks. Get a managed cybersecurity operations team that proactively looks for cyber threats and stops potential security breaches before they disrupt your business.


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