How you can boost security of accounts

Article by Emily Burley, in the print version of the Sunday Telegraph, Sydney. 

The piece quoted Ajay Unni, Founder and CEO, StickmanCyber, sharing ways to secure your online accounts.

You can read the full article below:

CYBER security experts have warned social media users to run a privacy check-up on their accounts, to avoid unauthorised use of their information online.

“A lot of people aren’t aware of Facebook’s fullsecurity settings, but you can have a profile that is completely locked and inaccessible to anyone but your friends,” StickmanCyber chief executive Ajay Unni said.

“If you’re using you’re Facebook to share with friends and family, rather than as a professional tool, lock it down.”

Mr Unni said information being lifted from a private account was likely being done by a phantom friend connection.

“Accepting requests from people you don’t know carries the risk of your personal identity and information being leaked,” he said.

Tools such as login notifications and two-factor authentication can avoid unauthorised access to online accounts.

Have I Been Pwned founder Troy Hunt said mindful posting was the only real way to protect personal data. “There are many occasions where people have posted something to their Facebook without realising they’ve made it visible to the world,” Mr Hunt said. “But if you proceed with the assumption that anything you put online may end up in other people’s hands, it does tend to change your behaviours and habits.”

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