Meet our Certified Cybersecurity Consultants

Access a broader range of expertise with a certified Cybersecurity Consultant as part of your cybersecurity team. Get to know more about our team of cybersecurity experts today.

Access a broader range of knowledge and expertise with Stickman’s Cyber Security Consultant.


As Cyber Security threats become more intense and regulatory and compliance issues become more complex – the need to access a broad range of knowledge and expertise becomes increasingly important. A StickmanCyber cybersecurity consultant gives you access to best-of-breed expertise, without the need to develop this expertise internally.

A Cybersecurity Consultant allows your organisation to:

  1. Access to Cybersecurity expertise 24/7 including broad expertise, and leading protection technology.
  2. Focus on your core business whilst meeting security and compliance requirements.
  3. Minimise requirements to track and manage changing regulatory standards.
  4. Increase your flexibility to meet changes in your business and cyber security conditions.
  5. Remove the distruption often caused by staff turnover.
  6. You only pay for the services you require without the cost of full-time staff and office equipment.

Irrespective of your scale of operations, cyber security needs to be an integral part of your organisational goals and strategies. Cyber security measures need to be planned and implemented at different levels. In order to get integrative solutions that take care of your computers, networks, servers and the entire IT ecosystem, your organisation needs nothing but the best IT security consultancy services – for focused all-encompassing solutions.

StickmanCyber is a premier cybersecurity firm based in Australia, offering innovative and customised end-to-end IT security consultancy. Big, medium or small; across multiple industrial verticals and domains, we are proud of our highly competent and skilled team offering solutions that are scalable, forward-thinking, futuristic, versatile and adaptable.

As a professional service provider, we assess your existing infrastructure and architecture to detect vulnerabilities and identify gaps. We take the time to understand your organisational goals and needs and accordingly design and implement a security solution that’s tailored to your business. As your protector, we work aggressively to locate all the susceptible and flawed points to convert your entire IT ecosystem into an impenetrable fortress.

We work with you in partnership, hand-in-hand on a long-term basis to keep improving and enhancing your IT architecture for optimised results. 

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