What is Cyber Security By Design?

Hackers are not going anywhere, anytime soon. The burgeoning new wave of hackers is tech-savvy and hell-bent on causing maximum damage. Virtually all organisations face constant threat from cyber-attack; unfortunately, it’s a matter of when, not if, someone tries to hack your data. Times have changed, and responding to attacks as they happen is simply not enough. There is only one way to achieve complete cyber security: by planning ahead for a digital defense that covers all aspects of your business.

Be proactive, not reactive

Traditionally, organisations have taken a reactive approach to cyber security – responding to threats as they occur, rather than pro-actively protecting and managing cyber risk. Today’s sophisticated hackers are always finding new opportunities for attack, which makes it mission-critical to stay on the offense with cyber security. Managing compliance for multiple security standards has also proven challenging, with cyber security not visible at the board level or even considered to be a business priority. That is, of course, until a data breach occurs and it becomes everybody’s problem.

This fragmented approach is ineffective – and dangerous. The consequences of a cyber-attack can be devastating, such as loss of customer confidence, ruined reputation, and costly legal ramifications. Not to mention the potential destruction of your entire business.

Make cyber safety everyone’s problem, not just IT

To be fully effective, cyber security must be owned at the board level, and not just managed by the IT department or a board member with tech expertise. ‘Ready for a Hack,’ an article in the April 2016 issue of Company Director, is a case in point. It tells the story of Distribute.IT –  a now non-existent Australian website hosting business – which was forced to close its doors after a hacker attacked its systems and deleted all its clients’ websites. The hacker targeted a specific employee who was deemed to be ‘vulnerable’, bypassing all security measures and locking out the IT team who could only watch on, defenseless. The message is clear. Cyber security needs to be broad in scope, and senior management needs to recognise that it’s a whole of business challenges.

A comprehensive framework for digital defense

The US Government recognised the urgency of protecting critical infrastructure from cyber attacks. In 2013 President Barack Obama ordered the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to create a cyber security framework. The NIST Framework was based on collaborative input from more than 3,000 global cyber security professionals. Stickman’s own Ajay Unni was the only Asia-Pacific region representative to participate in the latest NIST development workshop held in Maryland, US during April 2016.

The key components of the NIST Framework are: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.

NIST Cyber Security Framework-1-png

The NIST Framework shifts the balance from reactive compliance to proactive cyber risk management. Being proactive improves communication and collaboration on cyber security issues across divisional, management, and board levels, putting the organisation in the best position to comply with current and future regulatory standards.

Adopting the framework also serves as evidence of implementing appropriate measures to prevent cyber-attack, reinforcing your legal position in the event of a breach.

Cyber Security By Design is a comprehensive protection for your business

A proactive, company-wide approach is the key to long-term cyber security. Stickman’s Cyber Security by Design provides a dynamic, cost-effective, and customised framework that safeguards your business from cyber attack:

Tailored risk-based cyber security

Instead of one-size-fits-all, we customise cyber security to meet your specific needs, risk tolerance, and resources available, with the focus firmly on risk minimisation.

Collaboration for best results

The lack of visibility of cyber security at the board level and senior management is a common problem for security professionals within large organisations. Our methodology promotes external and internal collaboration and buy-in. Cyber security is quickly integrated into more business functions, such as new product development and infrastructure design, meaning your business is more fully protected.

Keeping you on the front foot

Cyber security is constantly changing. With new technology and smarter cybercriminals, a dynamic approach enables rapid evolution to keep security steps ahead of hackers. Our methodology is designed to be flexible, always keeping you on the front foot.

Customised cyber security

Our methodology adapts the industry gold standard NIST Cyber Security Framework to bring you a proactive, broad-scale, and customised approach to managing cyber risk.

Remember – hacking will happen at some point. It really does pay to be proactive. To find out more about safeguarding your business now and into the future please contact us. 



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